Friday, August 14, 2015

Extra Photos for INSTAGRAM Harry Potter Giveaway

Hi everyone! 

Thanks for visiting the blog. 
This post is to provide extra, detailed photos of the 
Harry Potter Giveaway I have going on via my 
Instagram account. 

These items have been with me a long time! The journal is by Scholastic and dated 2000. 
There is some slight damage to the outside of the journal, but the inside is 
in great condition. Might be some minor wear on the other items as well, from storage. 

Full prize package.

Iron on Quidditch Patch

Cardstock glasses, random and not really HP shaped. ;-)
Back of iron on Quidditch patch.

Two of the foil Valentine's sheet, four different Valentine's to each sheet.

Another foil Valentine sheet with two large Valentine's and showing what the backside of the other sheets looks like. Envelopes will be included.

Game cards from the first movie, one has foil, that shows as a nice rainbow effect in this light.

Scholastic sticker for the Order of the Phoenix book release, two licensed buttons from a larger pack, and an unused Scholastic journal, dated 2000.

Minor damage to the journal on the outside from storage.

Inside of journal has lined pages, with lightning bolt icon on each pain. Great condition!

Portions from the other sticker sheets included.

One full package of stickers from All Night Media.

 See you on Instagram!