Wednesday, July 9, 2014


My sister, Kim, and her family came to visit at the end of June. 
I haven't seen any of them since early June of 2011 when I visited them in Stockton. At that time Chris had just graduated high school and was getting ready to ship out to boot camp in the fall. For this visit he was on leave before his next tour overseas, and I wasn't sure if Stephanie would be able to join her family on the trip. 

I was overjoyed to be able to see the entire family and they were excited to see us, and meet our girls - which is what we call our three spoiled dogs! ;-) This is the first time Travis and Kim have been to Stockton, but the kids visited us twice when they were younger (about 12-13 years ago), but we didn't have dogs then.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the visit: 

Lunch at Vero Amore the day they arrived. It was yummy! True Italian paninos! Left to right: Travis, Stephanie (niece), Chris (nephew), Michael, and Kim.

The dogs got LOTS of attention which they really enjoyed. Here is my niece Stephanie (she is named after me) throwing a toy for Ginny while Mocha waits (mostly patiently) to be pet. Bella is not being ignored in this photo, she is waiting at the door because someone went out front.

My nephew Chris, on the left, went indoor rock climbing.

Then the next day he went outdoor rock climbing. ;-) These are pics from my trip with them to Mount Lemmon. Michael took Travis and Chris up to Mount Lemmon the first day to ride the ski lift. Chris was more capable and adventurous than the rest of us (Michael as at work) out on the rocks, but...
...Travis did get my sister pretty far out on the ledge though. Windy Point is windy! lol They were posing for photos taken by Stephanie.
The dogs getting more attention. Travis is playing fetch with Ginny behind the couch, while Mocha and Bella are enjoying quality belly rub time with Chris.

Introduced them to eegee's - much needed after the hot hike on Mount Lemmon. Mmmm, refreshing!

My dinner at Fini's Landing, where we took the family for Taco Tuesday! YUM!!!!

Taking photos during their last night in town. Chris, the almost 21-year-old soldier, and Stephanie, the 23-year-old fashionable chef.
Me with my sister and family! In this photo my sister, me, and Stephanie almost look like we are all the same height, but Stephanie is taller than me, and I am taller than my sister (only by an inch or so though LOL).

One of the difficult goodbyes on the morning they left. Chris had a special bond with Bella, who was very well-behaved when he told her to be. 

 I am hoping we can make these yearly visits, even though I am not sure I will be in Tucson full-time and they would prefer not to come during the summer again. ;-) LOL Highs of 108 that felt like 113 were no fun! Especially because they were on their way to Vegas after and it was even hotter there. Yikes! 

My sister is a crafter like me, especially loving papercrafts, but we only had limited time in my craft room and no actual projects got finished. We did find crafty goodies for excellent deals at the thrift store, and shared lots of goodies between us so that she had a big extra bag to take home, and my niece had an extra bag as well. They brought me some wonderful things from Daiso (along with other fun stuff I have never seen in our stores here), which I was super excited about because I see all the pics on Instagram of fun California Daiso hauls. 

Here are most of the goodies they brought me: 

Sweet haul, right?! Ignore my iPad but you might recognize the commercial (I'm watching TV on my iPad through Cox).

Love. Create. Discover. Play.

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