Friday, June 14, 2013

No Shopping June...a gift experiment (originally posted on the Pink Chair Studio blog)

My husband, Michael, is quite difficult to buy for.

He is a master bargain shopper, and it doesn't hurt that he works across the street from a massive shopping center! He is always coming home with things from his convenient shopping trips to Home Depot, Office Depot, Target, Marshall's, Ross, and Kohl's. It is difficult to compete with that since I would have to do a lot of running around on our side of town to hit all those stores as often as he does but it is one-stop shopping for him. LOL

He has specialized needs for his hobby (cycling) that are better left to his choosing. Trust me...I have tried! ;) His birthday is June 9 and last year I got him a pair of Nike sunglasses he loves (and wears daily) and JBL speakers for the desktop (that he also loves). This year I was completely at a loss! :/ So many options but what would he REALLY want?!!

 So...I crazily offered him something he has been asking for for many years now. ;) A month of NO shopping...on my part at least. I pay for most of my own goodies and am a relatively good bargain shopper myself, but craft goodies are my weakness and they don't always come cheap. ;-) I suppose we both thought I had a shopping addiction.

I get several monthly stamp and craft subscriptions, even Stamp of the Week from Unity Stamp Company, so I knew I would not be deprived of at least some new craft goodies for the entire month. :) Still...the first week was hard. I forgot about yearly warehouse sales and 'cleaning out stock before inventory' sales. :( I have missed out on some good stuff...and much of it won't be available ever again. Ah well...not like I don't have a craft ROOM filled to the brim with enough supplies to last a lifetime...almost.

 A view of my craftroom studio from the doorway. The other walls have tall shelves packed with goodies! lol

So I am now on my 14th day of no shopping. A week was a huge milestone. Heck, three days was a HUGE milestone. If I get desperate I have a gift card for Joann's and $12 in credit to spend on Amazon.  

I can also say I will not be able to do this for more than one month. lol 

These two weeks have taught me a lot already though. Things I've learned:

1. Stock up on printer ink before a month of 'no shopping'.
2. I have more willpower than I ever suspected.
3. I am not addicted to shopping but I am addicted to happy mail!
4. I LOVE cardmaking...and miss doing it more often.
5. I can be more creative with my current supplies if I'm not always thinking what to create with the new goodies that are on the way!
6. No shopping means I have more time for blogging! ;-)

There were some surprise craft goodies from Michael on the 11th as a gift for our 23rd 'being together' anniversary. Do you and your special someone celebrate multiple anniversaries?? Our wedding anniversary is in February. I might have done that on purpose to get extra gifts in addition to Valentine's Day (just kidding...our wedding was spur of the moment...less than a week of planning total). 

 The anniversary presents from Michael.
 $1.49 THICKERS!!! ;-)

Here are the other goodies I have gotten so far - without having to shop - during my experiment at No Shopping June! ;) 

These are my monthly subscription kits (Card, Project Life, and Scrapbook) plus other miscellaneous items purchased during the last week of May at Studio Calico! So much AWESOME!!!!

Unity Stamp of the Week and JUNE SMAK kit.

           Two more weeks to go! ;-)

Thank goodness for lots of support on Instagram!!!! Thank you my crafty friends!

Happy Creating!