Thursday, September 13, 2012

What I have been up to! Fun stuff!

Hello everyone!

I started a new blog a little while back called Pink Chair Studio. I set it up separately from this one so that it could be exclusively for papercrafts and scrapbooking projects/posts. I've recently started a new challenge on Instagram (personal challenge) of creating one card a least. Some days I've made two. These are just fun cards to develop my skills and enjoy my supplies! I am a hoarder of craft supplies - for sure - but aren't we all. ;) I also like to recycle plastic and cardboard and have been using a lot of recycled cardboard on my cards. I also created a special chipboard mini-book as an anniversary gift and I used all recycled cardboard on that.

I also still create doll jewelry and people jewelry, even though my Etsy shops are a bit light on inventory right now! ;)

I am attaching some random photos of some of the projects I listed above. I also hope you'll join me at my Pink Chair Studio blog, though I will try to do updates on this blog more often - I am hoping for once a week at least! the meantime, Happy Creating! ~stephanie~

Some jewelry projects.
Some Card A Day project for Pink Chair Studio
Saw Duran Duran in concert on August 12 here in Tucson. FUN!!!!! (Super hot that day though! lol)
Miss Bella with my pink pillow. OWH stamps. New journal. Messy craft space (I keep it pretty clean now for all my daily projects. lol)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Pink Chair Studio


How has everyone been? 
I've been neglecting this blog! LOL

But I plan to change that. 

I also started a new blog - a separate one for paper crafting. 
You can view it by clicking on the tab for Pink Chair Studio above!

I have always loved scrapbooking and paper crafts,
but always found little time left over for them! 
I hope to become a guest designer on some other blogs, 
so this is my chance to get back into a fun hobby! 

Here is what was on my worktable the other day,
and a preview of some cards I made
in the past two weeks. 

Happy Creating!