Sunday, May 22, 2011

Birthday Dinner!

Friday, May 20, 2011 was my 39th birthday!

To celebrate, I was lazy most of the day, just hanging out at home with the dogs and watched The Scarlet Pimpernel on Netflix. ;-)
After my husband got off of work, he took me out to dinner.
Traditionally I have go to my favorite Japanese restaurant for my birthday, but this year,
I decided to try something different.

We went here:

Luna Bella Restaurant

And I had the Shrimp Scampi appetizer (wonderful!)
and this Ahi Salad as my entrée.

My camera phone flash doesn't really do this gorgeous salad justice!
And it was very good.

My husband had the Calamari appetizer, and though I only had a bite,
he assured me it was the best calamari dish he'd ever had.
For his entrée, he had Chicken Sweet Basil Fettuccine Alfredo (with the chicken on
the side, since he is a He enjoyed the fettuccine very much.

For dessert we shared the Risotto Cheese Cake with Ginger Crust.
We both loved it!

There was live jazz music,
though I did not get the name of the singer with the beautiful voice.
It was a nice accompaniment to dinner, as we were seated only a couple
of tables away in a back booth.

I think we will definitely go there again soon.
My husband's birthday and our anniversary are in early June.
And looks like, from their website, we were just ahead of enjoying the
Summer Light Luna Bar Menu
I have a hankering for some Fish and Chips. ;-)

Chef Steven Shultz is also hoping to be one of the final two contestants
in the Iron Chef Tucson Culinary Experience in late June,
so I definitely placed my vote for him online.

If you haven't tried Luna Bella, I do recommend it!

How did you celebrate your last birthday?

Happy Creating!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thrifty Thursday

New luggage!

And it was an awesome bargain!

On my last trip, I went with one of our older carry-on rolling bags,
and though it served it's purpose, it was difficult to organize and also
kept falling over every time I left it standing on it's own in the airport. lol

On my next trip in 2 weeks, I will need a bit more room, so I have opted to have a bag I can check in, and went in search of something more sturdy and with more features than our old luggage (which is at least 12 years old). The best deal I found (a Kenneth Cole canvas suitcase that retailed for $400, usually sold at Ross for $89.99, but was on clearance for $62.99) was unfortunately much too large for my needs and my height. It was nearly half as tall as I am. ;-)

Luckily my husband found this Revo aluminum frame red suitcase at a different Ross location.
And it was on clearance for $41.99! With a retail price of $260.

I had never heard of the Revo brand, but am quite impressed with the style, light weight aluminum framing, and interior pockets/organization! Also it has 4 wheels, so is much easier to maneuver and roll through an airport. This one is a 24" size, so must be checked in (thank goodness I'm flying Southwest, so that will not cost me),
and I'd love to find the smaller carry-on version of this if at all possible.

I can't wait to use it!

Happy Creating!
and happy travels!!


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Woof Wednesday

Removed this rug from my craft room today.

But apparently Bella wasn't as happy to see it go away. ;-)

Happy Creating!!
And tail wags from my three - Ginny, Bella, & Mocha.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Embarking on my adventure...

Have not meant to neglect my blog for 3 months,
but I do have an adventure to blog about.

I haven't traveled since 2003, when I went to visit my very sick grandmother
in Stockton, California. Only a month after my visit, my grandma passed away,
and I was unable to go back to attend her funeral.
Oddly enough, when I returned after my visit to my grandmother,
I attended my first ever Duran Duran concert at the Rialto theater here in Tucson.

This recent adventure also involves Duran Duran! A strange coincidence!!

This time though seeing them for the first time with my best friend of 27 years.

My friend Simika lives in Hesperia, CA and the concert was on April 14 in Pomona, CA.
So I flew into Ontario the day of the concert and Simika met me at the airport.
We got ready in rooms at our hotel near the airport.
I wore hot pink jeans and a green toned leopard print sleeveless top. ;-)
And being only 4'9", had to wear 3" platform sandals. I could write another blog post on my adventure of trying to find shoes (that fit - I'm a size 5!) for the concert,
but ended up wearing a pair I already had. lol

Thank goodness also for the VIP tickets we had too, guaranteeing we would be in at
least the first few rows, though we hoped to get as close to front row as possible.

Here are a several pics from the concert:

Do you think we were close enough? ;-)

It was awesome!
It was a great time, except for a bit of a sore throat from all the screaming I did. ;-)
And despite having been worried about some of the minor health problems
I'd been experiencing for over half a year (fatigue, muscle aches, dizziness),
I felt great the entire time, pain free! Gotta love adrenaline!!!

I stayed to visit with my friend and her two daughters - 16 and 9 years old -
for a couple of days after the concert and had an enjoyable time.
We had one bit of scariness when my friend's car had some engine trouble and
we had to wait for the tow truck at a rest stop off the highway (for 3 hours!),
but there was a gas station, small convenience store, McDonald's,
and three cell phones to use, so it was only a minor inconvenience.

Here is our view as we were waiting (I forgot to mention it did get dark on us):

Before the car trouble, we'd been to Hollywood Blvd., my very first trip there,
to see the Duran Duran star on the Walk of Fame, and some of the other sights.
Very interesting people on Hollywood Blvd.! :-)

Here are a few photos from that adventure:

And in two weeks, I will be embarking on yet another adventure!
Again back to California, but this time to Northern California, to see family and friends.

I have been offered a trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium with a childhood
friend who also has a degree in Aquatic Biology. I was born in Monterey (Fort Ord),
so this is a special trip for me for many reasons. When I was in high school I had
plans to study marine biology, but then moved out to the desert. ;-)

My family lives in Stockton and though there's nothing much exciting about the city of
Stockton, it will be very nice to see everyone though and do some catching up!
Seven years between visits is a long time. :-/

Thanks for letting me tell you about my adventure!

Happy Creating!!