Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Unexpected project...mini baby scrapbook!

The above mosaic is a mini chipboard scrapbook I made last week for my mom
to give as a gift to a friend.

Normally my sister would have made this and she is still working on one herself
for the same baby, but she's been super busy as her job is winding down
and she's even been working weekends to finish
out some necessary projects and help them
organize for the changeover.

She'll be spending a lot of time searching for a new job in the coming weeks,
so despite her love of her scrapbooking hobby, she hasn't and won't
have as much time to devote to it for a little while.

So I decided to try my hand at a project like this.

My sister always tells me about her ideas and she has made
me a Christmas mini chipboard scrapbook in the past, so
using that as inspiration and watching a couple of short youtube videos about
mini books, I felt I was ready to go.

I started last Sunday and finished last Wednesday.
I was in a time crunch as I wanted my mom to receive the baby book
no later than this past Monday and it had to be shipped to her
in Northern California.

I did enjoy making the baby book and was surprised that it
came together as quickly and as well as it did (if I do say so myself).

1. I used recycled cardboard as my chipboard base. I cut it into 5 x 5 squares
and also tinier squares for "in between" pages. I chose the number of pages
based on how much I got out of 2 pieces of cardboard.

2. I used purple glue stick, tacky glue, and glue dots for the most part as my
adhesives. Mainly because my rolling glue glider broke and so I was
stuck...quite literally...with sticky glues.

3. Since my scrapbooking supplies were only minimally organized, I just
had to use what I had on hand. In this case, a baby scrapbooking kit
might have worked better, as it would have been easier to
come up with themes, color matches, coordinating embellishments, etc.
and would have saved a of time.

4. I was trying to create this without spending any additional money. I had plenty
of supplies, so it was my own fault if I had to spend time searching for what
to use in my messy craft room.

5. My craft room got incredibly messy/dirty during this project.
Bits of paper on the floor, glue stick everywhere, etc. and
because of the time crunch, I had only a tiny amount of time to pick up after
myself...something I'm not very good at anyway when I'm crafting.

So what I learned or remembered while creating the scrapbook is
the real reason I left the scrapbooking (mostly) up to my sister.
It takes a lot of time!

I haven't made a lot of time for personal scrapbooking for about a year now.
With my focus being on jewelry, and because I have 5 online shops
to focus on creating inventory for, I don't really have the time or
a large enough surface area for working scrapbooking,
which takes up a huge amount of space!

To be near my paper cutter and to have even a small amount of surface
space to lay out the pages, I was working on a corner of my standing work table.

And when this corner got messy, things spilled out onto extra stools I brought into
the room (at the expense of much needed floor space to move around) and
piled up a bit too high and the piles are now in danger of falling over!
So my craft room is in a state of terrible disorder and chaos -
not so unusual - but a bit worse than usual.

And despite having learned
these lessons, I am now currently working
on a new mini chipboard scrapbook,
which is a late birthday gift. And I started
it Sunday night and need to ship it out tomorrow.
So really I should stop this post - written while I'm eating
lunch - and get back to work!;-)

Let me know what you think of my design and/or design process,
and if you are a scrapbooker, I welcome any tips and tricks!

Happy Creating!



  1. I never got into scrap-booking. Too much yarn around. :-) But I marvel at the creativity of people who do it. I like your book very much!

  2. ooo - makes me miss scrapping! you really do need a large space dedicated to it if you like to spread out (like me) or be super organized and know exactly what you have. i like to think i'm organized but i always had way too much stuff!
    your book is adorable & makes me want to make something out of paper again... but it'll have to wait until after the holiday decorations go up and the cards get mailed out!

  3. I told my sister I have to start in January making the Christmas minis for next year's gifts. LOL! ;-) It is a lot of fun, but I'm not organized (as you know), and definitely need more space to work. Oohhh...I need to get my cards out this week too!