Thursday, October 14, 2010

Vitamin D

As I was getting ready to write this post, I kept remembering a band I used to like in the 80s and could have sworn the band name was Vitamin D.

But of course it wasn't...they were Vitamin Z! :-)

Burning Flame

That was one of my favorite songs by them. The link takes you to the YouTube video for it.

So recently I was diagnosed with a major Vitamin D deficiency.
I live in Arizona, so I thought it was really strange diagnosis.
But we had a brutal (high temps) and long summer,
and I mostly spent it inside the house with the A/C on.
And I wore lotion with an SPF 15, so I guess even when I was outside with
my three dogs I wasn't soaking in the rays.

I had also limited my consumption of egg yolks and fish. Not good!

I was actually at the doctor for a yearly check-up,
but described some of my worrisome symptoms to her, so she decided to
do some blood work. Well I guess my deficiency is so bad,
I needed a prescription for 50,000 IU a week for at least 8 weeks.
I started my first dose this past Tuesday.

I've learned from my tweets on Twitter and some status update comments
on Facebook that I'm not alone in this deficiency and
of course there is an article on vitamin D in the latest Oprah magazine.
I have the magazine but didn't read the article.

Seems like odd timing (coincidence) with all media coverage,
but I'm glad I found out what was causing
my symptoms so I could start treatment.
At least I hope this deficiency was what was causing my symptoms,
and I hope that starting the treatment now and continuing
it as instructed by my doctor will get my health back on track.

My symptoms were/are chronic fatigue, muscle weakness,
joint and muscle pain, and depression.
I should say more frequent depression.
I've battled anxiety and depression for about 18 years,
but I mostly had them under control and could function among people.
However, the chronic depression I was falling into, led to episodes of anxiety,
which of course added to the other symptoms,
had me worried about going out of the house anywhere on my own.

So I basically stayed home and thanks to Twitter and Facebook and the creating for my
online shops, I was interacting with the world, and putting on a good face.
I knew I was lucky to have what health I did and also lucky enough
that when I wasn't feeling well, I had the luxury to stay home and
work, rather than having to go outside of the house to a job.

I had my really good days, but those were usually followed by days
when I'd feel like I had the flu or a cold or a major allergy attack,
and all my energy would be zapped.
I'd have my good moments, but then I'd feel like
I just couldn't make a certain muscle move the way it should, and
then I would get frustrated and worried that I wouldn't be able
to function the way I needed to.

I'm not seeing any marked improvement three days into my first mega dose
of the vitamin. In actuality I feel a bit worse. Lots and lots of joint pain.
But I hope it's a case of feeling worse in order to feel better
and that I have not permanently damaged my health with this deficiency.

It seemed to me the symptoms had worsened within the last couple of months, so hopefully
the symptoms can be reversed in that same amount of time.
I know this is overly optimistic and unrealistic, but all we have is hope.

I'm taking in more sun when I'm out with my SPF lotion,
so I hope that helps also.

Because of how I've been feeling lately...which is easy enough
to mask with my online communication...
I haven't really known where my business was going
or been focused on the future of it. I have had no desire to sign up for
craft shows and have concentrated mostly on doll jewelry since
I've had a very nice customer who frequently requests custom doll jewelry sets.

And speaking of fatigue. I should be asleep now. So off I go.

Tomorrow our dog Mocha has to go in for some simple surgery to remove a couple of growths, but the surgery is minor and she will go in early in the morning and we'll pick her up in the evening. I'll be glad to have the distraction of working on crafts tomorrow! And hopefully will
feel well enough to work long and hard and get some exciting new things in the shops
and stop feeling sorry for myself. ;-)

So that's been life lately.

Thanks for reading!

Happy creating!


  1. Stephanie, Isn't it awful when you really don't feel well and you don't quite know why?! I've gone through that. It doesn't make it any better when you go to the trouble of going to a physician and all they want to do is throw a pill at it either (My situation, not yours!) I do hope that you start to feel better soon, and that the diagnosis of vitamin D deficiency is the whole story...Woo woo woo to you and to Mocha! :-)

  2. Thanks Debbie! I truly hope the vitamin D deficiency is the whole story as well, but if it hadn't been a vitamin pill, I would have been reluctant to have taken any kind of other meds...bad experiences! That's not fair when doctor's just want to throw a pill at something and not really look at what the root cause might be. Of course with me also having scoliosis...the pain might just be what I'm in for as I get older. lol But I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the D to start making me feel like superman!!! ;-) You take care too!

  3. oh, my goodness!!! please make sure to take care of yourself and don't hesitate to ask me for anything!!!! i mean that!

  4. thank you Alex!!! you are a sweetheart and I truly appreciate your friendship! :-)