Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The stars in the sky...

my eyes have always looked to the stars
and my mind has always been out in the cosmos,
searching for answers to the why and how.

We will never know the why I suppose,
and only have some of the answers to the how.
But it's the curiosity that is most important.

Lately my eyes and mind have become focused
on smaller things.
And I miss daydreaming about star stuff
and the far reaches of space.

I made lots of solar systems when I was young...
out of whatever I could find.
And I dreamed of becoming an astronomer.
The depths of the ocean intrigued me too,
so for a brief time I contemplated marine biology,
and digging in the depths of the earth as a
perhaps I have always like deep things.

But the stars always draw me back to them.

We are all made of star stuff.
We coalesce briefly into the beings that we are
to stand on this planet in this star system in this
to be able to observe all that surrounds us,
whether we see it or hear it or touch it,
and to wonder at it all,
before we become one with it again.

Because I could not become the
theoretical astrophysicist I wanted to be as a
college student, I let myself wander
other paths and set my love of astronomy as
a hobby in my life.
But it will always be what intrigues me the most,
what frightens me the most,
what creates the most awe and creativity in me...
so I seek my inspiration now from all
the stars in the sky...
and all that surrounds them!

Happy creating!


  1. You are a bright shining star!!! :)

  2. Aw, thanks Misti! You are a generous friend!! :-)

  3. you're starting to sound like Carl Sagan ... :)