Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hurry, hurry...and slow down!

I have been creating a lot of doll jewelry lately.
Most of it custom requests.
Which is lovely!
Except for when I have to search through thousands of beads...
some very find just what I want/need for a
design! ;-)

So at some point I'd like to do a major bead organization...
but I am too busy for this.

Yet I feel like I could be busier and more efficiently productive if I took the time
to do this organization.

So this makes me feel like I should hurry, hurry through my
creating (which, as we all know is good in theory and difficult in practice)
and slow down in order to spend the necessary time to organize the beads!

So one day I will hurry, hurry...and slow down for the project! ;-)

Did any of that make sense? lol

Happy creating!


  1. Thanks Alex! :-) I'm trying to tackle the bead organization in small doses...but it's 2 steps forward and 8 steps back with that method! lol

  2. It made perfect sense to me. But I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing! :-) You sound like you need a 'Bead Buddy' or two, like mine!
    Now hurry up and have a slowed down day today!! :-)

  3. Thanks Debbie! I love the Bead Buddy. And one day I will have only enough beads and supplies to fit in one of will be so handy and convenient! :-) Love your poem too.