Friday, August 27, 2010

Art as inspiration...

New artwork I've hung up in my craft room.

The artwork is by one of my favorite friend Lorrie
of Illusio Creative (Etsy Shop)

My photos do not do Lorrie's artwork justice, but I wanted to show how I framed and displayed the new artwork. The top photo is taken with flash (eek!) and the bottom just with natural light, but lots of reflection from the window.

These two outer ACEOs are part of Lorrie's Sea Theme series

One the left is Sea Theme I - Aceo Print
On the right is Sea Theme II - Aceo Print

The middle print is Sea Life, not currently available in her Etsy shop.

I've backed all the prints with photo real ocean scrapbooking paper.
The openings in the frames are sized at 3.5" x 3.5", so I needed this backing, but I hope it compliments the prints well.

I can view this print anytime by turning my head to the right when I am at the computer
and it's always visible when I'm taking product photos.

I am not sure this will be the permanent location for the framed art.
I'm worried that the color on the prints will fade from being near the window.
But for now, I will enjoy my wonderful new artwork display.

Thank you Lorrie!

Happy Creating!



  1. I like how and where you displayed them! Very nice! :-)

  2. Thanks!! :-) I love Lorrie's artwork.

  3. so where are those star charts going? :)