Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Leave an impression...

I bought some beginner metal stamping supplies last week with the idea
to add some initial drops to a few designs I'm working on.

My friend Beth of besu
(besu.etsy.com, her shop of awesomely cute handmade bags, buttons and rings)
requested an initial necklace
and the above design was what I came up with
for her and is now a design I'm offering in my shop.
(Personalized for the buyer of course.)

Let me know what you think?

Happy Creating!


  1. So cute! I might have to contact you soon :)

  2. Beautiful! I just got my first metal stamping kit too, and I'm overwhelmed with all the ways this could combine with my other jewelry (if I ever manage clean, tidy, attractive stamps like yours, mine are still, um, rustic? Yeah, rustic, that sounds nice, like they're lopsided because that's how I planned it).

  3. Hi Sarah! Thanks!! lol I had beginner's luck and now I have a little stack of *rustic* (I like that word too) stamped charms that will be used for other projects. ;-) It's tons of fun though, isn't it!

  4. Hi Erin! Thanks and I look forward to it!! :-) I think I owe you an email reply...I haven't forgotten!! lol

  5. so cute!!! i might have to get one...

  6. thanks Alex!! cool...just let me know! :-)

  7. I really LOVE IT-this is a nice direction you are going in; can't wait to see more

  8. Hi Robin! Thank you!!! I'm excited about the possibilities. :-)