Friday, July 30, 2010

It's a Wrap!

My friend sent me a couple of hematite stones awhile ago
and asked if I could make some rings for her.
She knew I'd done some simple wire wrapped rings
and she likes to gives me challenges, which I appreciate. ;-)
She also didn't give me a deadline, which was good,
because it took me awhile just to finish this first one.

However, I'm actually quite proud of the finished product.
And my friend loves it from the photos she's seen,
so as long as it also fits her when it arrives
and wears well, it will be an absolute win!

Here are some of my progress photos.
All of the wrapping came together by accident.
It's all done with sterling silver wire, 22g.
And it's all done in three parts, as you will see.

The top of the wrapped stone.
(This was about the 20th attempt. And the waves were
because I had to make it hug the stone a bit closer.)

The original base added yesterday. Measured a size 10,
which I thought was the right size, but turned out to be much too big.

So I coiled the wire around the ring base and as well as making it a smaller size -
now an 8.5. An added bonus was that it also strengthened the ring
and is a better counterpoint for the rather heavy stone.

Margaret's Ring

Let me know what you think?
Should I continue with my wire wrapping experiments? ;-)

Thank you to
my friend Jodi of Jewels-by-Jules
my friend Danielle of Don't Eat Beads
inspiring and encouraging my wire wrapping!

Happy Creating!


  1. this is lovely. i wish i had known about that recent giveaway.

    i follow your blog now; feel free to check out my blog and follow it too.