Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I am an elf queen...

Well, not really, but I get to wear a necklace named "elf queen"... :-)
Remember this post?

20th Anniversary

I did get my necklace after all!!!
Thanks to my fabulous friend Alex of!

Here are photos of it with the sweet pocket mirror that displays the lovely saying "You are Beautiful" and Alex's logo and believe me, you WILL feel beautiful in one of her lovely jewelry recycled creations. :-)

Doesn't it look lovely with my tank top? No, really, it's actually a pretty necklace for dressing up or down...but perhaps maybe a little more dressed up than my tank top. ;-)

Thank you again Alex!!! <3

Happy Creating!


  1. you ARE the Elf Queen! thanks so much and so happy you love your necklace :)