Monday, May 3, 2010

Maylani Monday - Thrifty Style!

Let me introduce you to my niece, Stephanie, above. She likes to go by different names and I've chosen Maylani to be the title for my (hopefully) weekly posts regarding her and her fun and thrifty style of dressing.

She will be 19 in less than 2 days. Happy Birthday Steph! (oops, Maylani)

When she was very young, she would wear the thrift store clothes her mom bought for her, but most of the family spoiled her and since I worked at a large retail store in a mall back then as well, she got lots of fun, but mostly "new" clothes. Then in high school she was into Aeropostle and Vans and other expensive brands and totally loved the mall!

I think she still enjoys going to the mall, but her style has become slightly different, with a more bohemian influence and she loves the 80's and now shopping at thrift stores once again, as well as outlet stores, and other more "thriftily" priced places.

Above are some of her recent outfits which she sent me pics of (she's in CA and I'm in AZ, so we don't see each other in person often, but I love getting text messages and phone pics from the family).

Pic 1: A thrift store dress in silky satin with cream background and black polka dots. Worn with black leggings and some boots from

Pic 2: A totally awesome Hello Kitty sweater dress in teal with Hello Kitty face outline from H&M. Again with leggings and some tall black boots from the thrift store!

Pic 3: A lovely white long-sleeved peasant shirt with waist tie and some dark jeans, and some adorable dark brown suede look fringe boots from the thrift store - the boots were only $4.98! What a deal!!

I'll try to do more close-ups of each individual piece in future posts, but thought I'd do a quick introduction as I hope this will be my weekly Monday post! Well, as long as my niece sends me pics to share. ;-)

Happy creating!

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