Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Woof Wednesday

I'm starting a new feature on my blog. I borrowed the feature title from a #tag that is popular on Twitter.

As the title suggests, this feature is about dogs.

Every Wednesday I will blog about my dogs - I have three now - Ginny, Mocha, & Bella - or other dogs. Especially dogs (or in some cases other animals) that may need to be adopted or fostered.

My first Woof Wednesday feature is an update on Bella.
Bella came to live with us as a foster dog on 2/13/2010. We had every intention of "just" fostering her, but it soon became apparent that she was making herself quite at home here and we were happy to have her! She's a real sweetheart and had very good manners from the beginning. She does enjoy barking a bit more than our other two dogs, but that's something we are working on training her out of.

My previous post had some cute photos that were taken shortly after Bella arrived. But here are a few more to show just how well she is fitting in.

Mocha & Bella

Mocha, Bella, & Ginny

Bella napping in the hallway!

Bella getting some sun! (On the left is the patio wall.)

We had to get approval from our HOA for permission to have a third pet, so now that we have that, the adoption process will soon be underway.

Tail wags!



  1. too cute! congrats - that photo of the 3 of them is adorable :)