Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Woof Wednesday: A New Backyard

A new backyard for the dogs!

Before: From inside because I forgot to take one outside. The backyard is basically all tan cool deck coated concrete and tan stucco wall. Blah!

It served it's purpose for years though, as one of our dogs was perfectly happy with all that concrete to potty on. The other one was well-behaved enough to be taken out that back gate to the lovely large grassy common area.

However, recently we got Bella and she didn't much care for the concrete backyard and it was a bit complicated at times to take two dogs either together or one at a time out to the common area. So we had to do something! :)

Saturday 3-14-2010 after all the concrete (that is being removed) has been broken up with the jackhammer. Half of it was already hauled away by the end of the first day of work.

Tuesday 3-16-2010. After the 4th day of work, it's quite a transformation for us. No plantings as of yet. We need to concentrate on keeping the grass alive through the AZ summer. ;-) And there is still some outdoor and inside covered patio painting to do, but we love the result so far!

And at least one of the dogs (that's Bella, our newest girl) seems to be enjoying her new area as well.
Ginny (our first dog, who we got at 9 mths old and she is now 6+ years) is surveying the lay of the land.

Mocha had no problem using the grassy area when necessary, but preferred to hang out on the remaining concrete portion. Old habits are hard to break! ;-)

Tail Wags!



  1. helluu!!! I nominated you for a sunshine award..b/c I think you are awesome.
    Nothing fancy but have a look...Hope it brings in some new readers!
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  2. What a great new backyard! Bet the dogs love it!