Monday, November 23, 2009

Catching Up & Sales

My laptop crashed several weeks ago. Luckily I have this desktop to use, but I lost lots of email that was only saved on my hard drive and more importantly saved passwords I'd long since forgotten. ;) I was fortunate that my husband was able to back up most of my photos & documents from my crashed computer, which is now saved on an external hard I've been doing lots of catching up. As well as getting ready for my very first appearance at a craft show. The craft show will be on Dec. 4 & 5 and I'll post an update on that later. This week I plan to have a Black Friday sale and am hoping over the next few days to also promote other sales - from fellow local handmade artisans or merchants or pretty much any Black Friday sales from handmade artisans around the world that I come across.

Today I'm featuring my Tucson friend Alex Keller's sales in her two Etsy shops.
Vintage by Alex Keller and Alex Keller Jewelry Recycled shops.

SALE vintage Crown Trifari brooch - gold tone crescent

in Vintage by Alex Keller

SALE - goldie locks - a necklace of vintage and recycled jewelry

in Alex Keller Etsy shop

Below are some new items I'm hoping to list in my own Etsy shop for the Black Friday sale:

OOAK button bracelets

Felt ornaments and brooches.

More sales & previews tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving week!

Happy creating!


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  1. oh, gosh! thanks Stephanie for posting about my sales - you ROCK! and i love love that button bracelet!!!