Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"cracks in the pavement"


Just a few photos of the disaster that my craft room had become.

I have a decent size room, enough storage space & plenty of storage containers. I might perhaps have too much stuff. I am a bit of a pack rat, though I do part with things on occasion, but since I like to trade, it doesn't always mean I end up with less things.

My sister pointed out my problem might be not having "like things together" and/or having the room separated in crafting "zones". Each "zone" would have supplies & tools stored neatly and easily accessible near a crafting surface suited for that particular craft. So that was my goal with this particular cleanup/reorganization, since I often clean up my craft room and had thought it was somewhat organized previously. LOL

It took me approx. 6 days to create these zones and get all of my supplies contained. I had no options for moving major furniture/storage shelves, so I had to work within those confines, but actually I think that was a good thing.


Of that I have gotten my craft room so well organized, I have absolutely no excuses not to complete all the dozens of projects that I have been planning & procrastinating on for many months now.

Hmmm...darn! LOL

Happy creating! ^0^


  1. WOW! i am jealous! you are so organized and you have so much stuff!!! great. now i feel like i should organize my craft room too. :P

  2. I would love to have a craft room like yours!!! You have so much stuff and all well organize!!! Lucky you ;o)

  3. Holy smokes...serious organization happening. The "after" looks fabulous. If you're bored, you can now come work on my studio. :-)

  4. I liked the chaos, reminded me of my workspace lol! I mean, I know organizing helps for more efficent, creative productivity, but messy is so much more fun:)!


  5. wow! it looks great! i'm impressed, because you do have a lot of stuff - LOL

  6. This is inspiring! I'm constantly struggling in keeping my "craft cave" (as I like to call it!) organized..this gives me hope!