Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Scrapbooking with my sister...

My sister lives 800 miles away from me in Northern California, so we communicate a lot via text messaging, online instant messaging, phone, and occasionally webcam.

For several months now we have been trying to organize weekly scrapbook challenges that we will both participate in. But my sister, and I, have been busy with other things, so we are not always able to scrap regularly, especially "together".

We are currently exchanging a couple of boxes a month of scrapbooking supplies with each other as a way to "share" the extras from our individual stashes. We also bought some new scrapbook supplies for specific projects.

Recently, when some of the new supplies arrived the other, including some glitter chipboard shapes/letters, I immediately was inspired to create the following page:

Stephanie & Kimberly 1985

It' a simple page.
And it came together rather quickly for me...which is rarely the case for anything...even a simple page. ^0^

I had had the background paper on hand and the glitter chipboard shapes/letters coordinated with the paper pack this background paper came from. I had not previously used chipboard in any projects, even though I have lots of chipboard letters which were part of a large trade I made a month or so ago.

The photos are of my sister and I in 1985 (I was in 8th grade and my sister a junior in high school). These were taken as part of a series at Olan Mills. Our mother put us in color coordinated outfits of black & pink. When I look at it now, it looks very 80s preppy, even though that was not my personal "style" at that time.

I'm still trying to decide whether the page needs a titles. "Sisters" would be the perfect title, but after I added the name in white vinyl Thickers alphas, I decided the page looked very much done, so I am leaving it this way for now.

Since I put it together quickly and made a huge mess putting it together, I don't have photos of my progress...just the photos of the final product. And since I'm terrible at taking photos, these are really bad, but I wanted to put this blog post together, so for now these photos will stay. Unless I can get some really fabulous photos tomorrow in natural light with a clean background to change these out with. We'll see.

Happy creating! ^0^

Update June 25: No new photos as of yet.
If you think this page needs a title, please let me know. Thank you!

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