Monday, June 8, 2009

Nina & the Girls


I am puppy sitting this week. Nina is a 2 year old cocker spaniel whose regular dog sitter was unavailable so this was the first time we have ever watched her. Actually she is the only puppy/dog we have ever been a sitter for - though we did foster a Brussels Griffon a few years ago, but we only had one dog of our own back then, and little Be Be was only with us a week.

My two dogs, Ginny & Mocha, are relatively dog friendly, but we had a meet & greet for the dogs last Tuesday - just to test the waters. Everything went well and so Nina arrived again with her dog bed, food, and a couple of toys early Sunday morning and will be with us until Thursday afternoon sometime.

I have not been able to get as many good photos of Nina as I would like - that is somewhat due to my poor photography skills in general, but also because she is camera shy. She knows when you have the camera in your hand and she generally runs off. I find this intriguing because her mommy owner is a professional photographer. :0)

Mocha, Nina, & Ginny (standing) in the office/dog lounge

In the photo above the dogs are all watching my husband, Michael, as he sits at the computer. There are two dog couch beds and a third round dog bed & large dog crate (that's the green in the right bottom corner of the photo) in this room, that's why I call it the dog lounge. Behind Nina is the "atrium", which previous owners enclosed so is an extra "indoor" room. There is another large dog bed out there...and two modern style fabric chairs the dogs now use as "raised" dog thrones. They like to lay in these and stare out the front Mocha demonstrates in the photo below.

Mocha watching the birds/creatures in the front yard.

Nina testing one of the dog couch beds. She didn't like me sneaking up on her. :0)

Nina on her dog bed in my craft room.

And below...Mocha testing out Nina's dog bed...silly girl! :0)

Ginny asking me to throw her toy. :0)

My "girls", as I like to call them, keep me busy, but with the addition of Nina this week, I have been extra busy - thanks to having no doggy door - but I have also been enjoying having another dog around. I am definitely considering adopting a third dog. :0)

Happy creating! ^o^


  1. I LOVED this post!

    Those dogs look so fun to have around. I miss dogs so much.

    I think a trip to the zoo is in store soon, because I need to be around animals.

    Did you know that it has been SCIENTIFICALLY PROVED that having an animal companion helps alleviate depression, anxiety, and other stress-related illness? This housing complex would do well to realize that.

    Enjoy your "busy-ness", my friend! Hug the puppies for me!

  2. Oh, Stephanie! Your dogs are gorgeous! Nina is a cutie! I love the picture of Mocha on Nina's bed. Too funny!!

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  4. Mike just showed me your blog! I LOVE the picture of Mocha on my little Nina's bed, too funny! Thanks again for watching her for us!