Friday, May 29, 2009


I won something! That in itself is a surprise since I rarely win anything, but to win a really cool contest at a unique online clothing boutique like is a SUPER AWESOME surprise!

I discovered bevello via Twitter and love the look of their website and the fun, stylish clothing and accessories they sell, featured on models that pose in the cutest lifestyle photos. And bevello is dedicated to "representing designs by America's independent, emerging designers". Plus it has an "organics" section...yay!!!

The contest asked me to be a "stylist" and choose three pieces to coordinate with an item chosen by bevello. (And to tell them how I would wear the pieces together and where to!)

Their clothing item of choice last Tuesday was this adorable Heather Gray Cropped Sleeveless Cardigan by [Ryu:]

Heather Gray Sleeveless Cardigan by [Ryu:] available at

The following three items and explanation were my winning entry!!!

C & C California Rosebud Organic Cotton Dress

Merona Sport Ballet Flats / Target


The Sak ‘Eco Harmony’ Organic Drawstring Bag


HOW: The Heather Grey Cropped Sleeveless Cardigan by [Ryu: is worn over the C & C Company tank dress. I prefer unbuttoned, but it would look great either way. I love ballet flats and think the gray matches the cardigan but the two tone and metallic accent adds texture and contrast!! I love The Sak bags and this one complements the dress and is also great for the environment.

WHERE: For me I would wear this outfit anywhere! For meeting a friend for a nice casual dinner (all dinners in Tucson are pretty casual – LOL), or for a daytime shopping excursion, or for any daytime social event in the summer here.


What did I win?! I won $20 in bevello bucks toward my next purchase...SWEET!!!! My next blog post will be about the items I am considering putting my bevello bucks toward. ^o^

Until then! Happy creating!!!



  1. So cute! I wish I could manage something cute like that!

  2. Thanks so much for your blog post stephanie! Let your readers know to stay tuned next week on tuesday 6/2/09 (and every week) for another chance to win $20.00 in bevello bucks! check out and click on the blog for details! or click here ( Can't wait to see what the fashionistas of the world have in store for bevello!

  3. Stephanie! bevello also can't wait to see your blog about what you pick out! Definitely going to stay tuned!